Walls of Hope / School of Art and Open Studio in Perquin, El Salvador


TZUULTAQ’A Earth and Valley, High and Low, Woman and Man Good and Evil The opposites that hold the Universe

I. The Massacre: On May 29, 1978, members of the Guatemalan army shot indiscriminately into a crowd of Maya Q’eqchi’ campesinos who gathered in the town square of Panzos, Alta Verapaz to express demands for land they had long occupied. The mayor, Fabio Monzón, known for confiscating peasant property for his own uses, had already […]

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Project Report: Trees for the Future

Since 1989, Trees for the Future has developed several programs in several parts of the world to help rural communities who want to plant trees to improve their environment. We have helped in different ways, sometimes with the distribution of seeds, technical training in methods of agroforestry and with our development programs. Trees for the […]

Report 2008-2009

(Español) La creación de proyectos de arte continua expandiéndose y llegando a nuevas comunidades. Este es el caso del proyecto de muralismo comunitario creado por niños y jóvenes en Perquin, Arambala, Segundo Montes y Cacaopera en Morazán, El Salvador; en Toronto, Canadá; en Guatemala: Huehuetenango, Rabinal, Cobán, Ciudad de Guatemala y en el proyecto que estamos por comenzar en Cocorná, Medellín, Colombia.

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