Walls of Hope receives prestigious Transnational Cultural Remittances Award

It is my privilege to announce that Walls of Hope has just received the prestigious Transnational Cultural Remittances Award sponsored the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture and the Ford Foundation. The Transnational Cultural Remittances (TCR) program is designed to strengthen the exchange of art and culture between communities linked by people’s migration from one country to another. The award funds will be used to create a new community art project in Guatemala. Five art teachers from the school of art in Perquin will travel to Guatemala and collaborate with the Community Studies Team of Psychosocial Action to create art and mural workshops on historical memory with victims of political and sexual violence from the Guatemalan armed conflict (1960-1996). The war was particularly ravaging for indigenous communities. This will be the third year that Walls of Hope travels to Guatemala, demonstrating their commitment to bring the Perquin model to other communities afflicted by violence. Congratulations to the art teachers of Perquin and their colleagues in Guatemala!

For more information on the award, read the award letter and the project narrative.

-Tatiana Reinoza Perkins