Informe de Proyecto Arboles para el futuroProject Report: Trees for the Future

Since 1989, Trees for the Future has developed several programs in several parts of the world to help rural communities who want to plant trees to improve their environment. We have helped in different ways, sometimes with the distribution of seeds, technical training in methods of agroforestry and with our development programs.
Trees for the Future arranged the sending of 1480 seeds of Cedrela Odorata and Leucaena Salvadorences, which was carried out in coordination with the Center for Integral Development of the Assemblies of God Church that has worked for many years in Perquín, and technical support from the Mayor of Perquín.
The program of the Center for Integral Development works with children of low economic resources between the ages of 3 to 14 years. It has 4 components to work with the beneficiary population: spiritually, physically (by promoting health and hygiene habits), cognitive (which places emphasis on knowledge in general, the stimulus to the skills and abilities) and socioemotional support that gives guidance to the boys and girls about self esteem, rights and duties in the society.
We started doing preliminary meetings with an agronomist and the Mayor of Perquín to check the calendar of activities and subsequently with the Director of the Center for Integral Development because our students of the School of Art are beneficiaries of this project.
The members of the Commission with much enthusiasm gave us the field to put the nursery of Cedrela Odorata and Leucaena Salvadorence.
On March 24 we started by calling an assembly with the parents and the program director of the Commission. The meeting was attended by an average of 150 mothers who have their sons and daughters in the CID and The Art School.
On April 9 we put the dirt in the bags with the support of the boys and girls, as well as some mothers who are in the Center for integral Development and the School of Art and Open Workshop of Perquín.
On April 14, we proceeded to place the seeds in their respective bags with the support of the boys and girls of both SAOWP and the CID, with technical support from the Mayor of Perquín.
Through the next day, seeds were placed by a group of boys and girls each morning with the teachers of the Commission. With great pleasure, water was channeled into the nursery.
On April 24, part of the Leucaena seeds had sprouted, but not those of Cedrela Odorata in spite of the fact that all arrangements had been made for the care of the seedlings.
On June 28, after a 44 day wait we planted the 315 Leucaena saplings that had sprouted. The trees were planted in the plots adjacent to the children’s
 homes, for care.
The reason for the rest of the seeds not germinating is unknown in spite of the fact that the children had moistened the seedlings when there was no rain.

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