2 comentarios en “(English) Recovering Historic Memory with Indigenous Women Survivors of Sexual Violence in Guatemala

  1. hello, i attended today september 13th the peresentation of a project in osnabrück/germany with claudia bernadi. i was deeply impressed by her lecture and thankful to have found your website right after. i am fluent in spnish so i spent the last two hours on this website, and just want to say that i thank you so much for the work that you are doing and also for the intensive documentation of it which gives other people the opportunity to be part of this improtant processes of healing arts. i have lived in the mission in san francisco u.s. and that was my first encounter with murals. this is more than 20 years ago. well i wish you all the best for the future and thanks again for this so much needed work that you have implemented. with kind regards angelika

  2. Hola amigo ! Yo quiero deseo de decir que este artículo
    es asombrosa , gran agradable escrito y vienen con infos .
    que lo haría como ver extra posts como este.

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