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Walls of Hope is an international art and human rights project of art, education, conflict resolution, crime prevention, diplomacy building, community development and preservation of historic memory that has been…
Claudia Bernardi | July 24, 2023
From July 11 to July 15, 2022, twelve participants, ages 4 to…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
I was in the Bay Area teaching at the California College of…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
During May Term 2018, the artists/ teachers from Walls of Hope  collaborated…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
Collaborative and community-based mural project painted by   undocumented, unaccompanied Central American…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
Collaborative and Community Based Mural Project  June 1-5, 2016 The Yurok Mural…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
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Published articles

  • “Como se Dibuja la Verdad?” La Paz Plural y Diversa se Construye en Modos Inéditos”

    2022 - Edited by Omar Rincón Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia

  • “Interview with Claudia Bernardi.” Home, (Be)Longing, and Identity in Imagined Landscapes

    2021 - Bernardi, Claudia, and Lyubova, Anastasija. Off Campus: Seggau School of Thought 7), edited by Roberta Maierhofer, Lyubova Anastasija, and Nicole Haring.

  • “La Bestia/ The Beast”

    2020 - Voices On The Move: An Anthology About And By Refugees Edited by Domnica Radulescu and Roxana Cazan Solis Press/ England 2020

  • “Second Chances”

    2020 - WEAD, Women Eco Artists Dialog

  • “Cartography”

    2020 - Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

  • La travesía de migrantes centroamericanos en su camino hacia la frontera de Mexico y los Estados Unidos

    2019 - California College of the Arts | Mary Baldwin University, Estados Unidos | Escuela de Arte Walls of Hope, El Salvador, Colombia March 2019, Ética y Cine Journal, Volumen 9 (1) Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • The Disappeared Are Appearing: Murals that Recover Communal Memory

    2019 - International Journal of Transitional Justice Oxford University Press Published: 26 November 2019 Claudia Bernardi: Author

  • “The Tenacity of Memory” by Claudia Bernardi “Doubling the Voice, Expanding the Frame: Re-imagining Witnessing Against Torture”

    2018 - Bringing together the voices of torture survivors from TASSC International with non-survivor academics, clinicians, and advocates Edited by Elizabeth Swanson, Ph. D. and Alexandra Schultheis Moore

  • “The Buried Homes”, HOME, An Imaginary Landscape,

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  • “Horrors and Dreams”

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  • “Archbishop Romero and Spiritual Leadership in the Modern World”

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  • “TZUULTAQ’A, The Balance of the Opposites”

    2011 - RELHO Red Latino Americana de Historia Oral June 25, 2011

  • “Art, Memory, and Diplomacy: A Possible Model for Community Building”

    2010 - Belief and Values/ Understanding the Global Implications of Human Nature

  • “Whispers At El Mozote”

    2010 - Peace Review Journal/ A Journal of Social Justice Volume 22/ number 3/ July September 2010

  • “They Have Done So Much Harm to Us”

    2010 - WEAD/ Women Environmental Artists Directory