Claudia Verenice Flores Escolero

Claudia Verenice Flores Escolero

 Born in San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, in 1979,she always dreamed to learn how to create art by watching her mother draw. This is how she began to participate in inter-school drawing and painting competitions.

Verenice began her personal art work in 1999,  exhibiting in different culture venues in Morazán. 

In 2005, she met Claudia Bernardi and joined the School of Art and Open Studio of Perquin.

Currently, she is an Artist and Professor teaching drawing and painting; wood sculpture and facilitating collaborative and community-based murals in different parts of the world.

Verenice has developed different technics based on the use of we Morro or Cutuco (local fruits) keeping alive the tradition of her ancestors.