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Collaborative and community-based project with relatives of victims of recent cases of police brutality in Argentina. The Museum of Art and Memory of La Plata and the Provincial Commission of…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
A collaborative and community-based mural painted by family members of disappeared citizens…
Claudia Bernardi | December 15, 2022
Jackie Abramian Former Contributor I cover women social entrepreneurs, peace builders and…
Claudia Bernardi | February 2, 2021
Resumen de Murales del 2017 al 2019   2017 Junio 2017, Mampujan,…
Claudia Bernardi | March 7, 2020
Municipio San Onofre, Departamento Sucre, Colombia. Durante los días  5 y 6…
Claudia Bernardi | December 6, 2019
Zambrano es un municipio de Colombia, situado en el norte del país, en el…
Claudia Bernardi | July 24, 2019
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Published articles

  • “Como se Dibuja la Verdad?” La Paz Plural y Diversa se Construye en Modos Inéditos”

    2022 - Edited by Omar Rincón Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia

  • “Interview with Claudia Bernardi.” Home, (Be)Longing, and Identity in Imagined Landscapes

    2021 - Bernardi, Claudia, and Lyubova, Anastasija. Off Campus: Seggau School of Thought 7), edited by Roberta Maierhofer, Lyubova Anastasija, and Nicole Haring.

  • “La Bestia/ The Beast”

    2020 - Voices On The Move: An Anthology About And By Refugees Edited by Domnica Radulescu and Roxana Cazan Solis Press/ England 2020

  • “Second Chances”

    2020 - WEAD, Women Eco Artists Dialog

  • “Cartography”

    2020 - Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

  • La travesía de migrantes centroamericanos en su camino hacia la frontera de Mexico y los Estados Unidos

    2019 - California College of the Arts | Mary Baldwin University, Estados Unidos | Escuela de Arte Walls of Hope, El Salvador, Colombia March 2019, Ética y Cine Journal, Volumen 9 (1) Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • The Disappeared Are Appearing: Murals that Recover Communal Memory

    2019 - International Journal of Transitional Justice Oxford University Press Published: 26 November 2019 Claudia Bernardi: Author

  • “The Tenacity of Memory” by Claudia Bernardi “Doubling the Voice, Expanding the Frame: Re-imagining Witnessing Against Torture”

    2018 - Bringing together the voices of torture survivors from TASSC International with non-survivor academics, clinicians, and advocates Edited by Elizabeth Swanson, Ph. D. and Alexandra Schultheis Moore

  • “The Buried Homes”, HOME, An Imaginary Landscape,

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  • “Horrors and Dreams”

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  • “Le Mur de l’Espoir de Monthey, Le Monde dans la Ville”

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  • “Urdimbre de Historia”, Aesthethika”

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  • “TZUULTAQ’A, The Balance of the Opposites”

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  • “Art, Memory, and Diplomacy: A Possible Model for Community Building”

    2010 - Belief and Values/ Understanding the Global Implications of Human Nature

  • “Whispers At El Mozote”

    2010 - Peace Review Journal/ A Journal of Social Justice Volume 22/ number 3/ July September 2010

  • “They Have Done So Much Harm to Us”

    2010 - WEAD/ Women Environmental Artists Directory