Funding Our Dreams

When the dream of creating a school of art in El Salvador came to be real, when the communities of Perquin in El Salvador, and later in Sincelejo, Colombia, welcomed the proposal and embraced the idea of a constant insertion of art in the community, we still needed to face the challenge of finding funding that would allow our dream to become true.

Walls of Hope would have not been able to exist without the generosity, trust and support of many people who believe that this project is possible and believe in us as being able to carry on this vision.

We would like to thank Intersection for the Arts our fiscal sponsor from the very start of our school’s first steps in 2005


We would like to thank and honor the ANGELS of Walls of Hope who have made it possible that the tenacity of art has become a national and international collaborative and community-based project of art, education, human rights, diplomacy, and conflict resolution.

We exist thanks to your contributions

Thank You! America, Verenice, and Claudia