Le Mur de lEspoir, Community and collaborative art project created with migrant/ refugees and forced exile people.
Monthey, Switzerland.
In collaboration with Amnesty International

Art et Travail Social, Community based project with Social Work students, faculty and organizers.
HES.SO, Haute Ecole Spécialisé de Suisse Occidentale
Sierre, Switzerland

Collaborative art project with the community of migrant and refugees in Ticino, Switzerland.
In collaboration with DAISI. Donne de Amnistia Internacionalle de la Switzera Italiana

Permeable Borders, Community and collaborative art project with Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Mexican migrants living in Virginia, US.
Project created in partnership with Mary Baldwin College and James Madison University, Virginia.

“Through the Eyes of Our Children”
Collaborative mural project with Catholic and Protestant children.
Holy Cross Primary School
Wheatfield Primary School
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Women Leadership and Development Projects”,
Mural painted by Women from ACMM, Asociación de Mujeres del Norte de Morazán/ Association of Women from the North of Morazan”,
Perquin, El Salvador.

“Reclaiming Our Environment”,
Mural Project with youth and children from Arambala,
Morazán, El Salvador.

“Panzos Remembers”
Mural Project created by 75  Q’eqchi’, men, women and youth survivors of the massacre of Panzos,
Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

“Shaping Our History”,
Sculpture project with Indigenous Women survivors of sexual violence during the armed conflict in Guatemala,
Cobán, Alta Verapaz.

“The Arduous Journey Towards Justice”
Mural project with survivors of massacres in Guatemala,
Rabinal, Baja Verapaz

“Urgent Voices”
Mural project created with Indigenous Women survivors of Sexual Violence during the Guatemalan war.
Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

“Walls of Hope-CANADA, International Journey of Transformation Through Art”
Collaborative and community based Youth Project, created in partnership with Julie Jarvis , Phoenix Community Works Foundation, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Sketch and The Canada Council for the Arts,
Toronto, Canada.

Tapestry of History, Mural Project
created with participation of indigenous survivors of violations of human rights and psychosocial workers from ECAP, Equipo Comunitario de Acción Psicosocial/ Psychosocial Community Team.
Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The Brush is Like a Candle It has Light on One End, Mural Project
created with participation of survivors of massacres and indigenous survivors of violations of human rights, ECAP, “First International Conference on Psychosocial Work in Exhumation Process, Forced Disappearances, Justice and Truth”
Antigua, Guatemala.

Walls of Hope, School of Art and Open Studio of Perquin,
Morazan, El Salvador
Creation, direction and implementation of art  in community projects involving children, youth, adults and the elderly of Perquin and regions of the North of Morazán.

Environmental Projects:

  • Trees for the Future: Reforestation Project developed and implemented by children and youth of Perquin, under the guidance of the School of Art and Open Studio of Perquin, El Salvador.  
  • Environment and Garbage Awareness: Stencils: Collaborative art project involving the design, creation and placement of stencils created in partnership between the School of Art and Open Studio, students from the Panamerican School, the Health Unit of Perquin and the Perquin Mayor’s Office.
  • Sculptural Garbage containers: Design, creation and placement of sculptorical and decorated garbage cans. Collaborative art project in partnership of the School of Art and Open Studio, students from California College of the Arts and the children of Perquin.
  • Environment and garbage Awareness: Design, creation and dissemination of “stickers” urging the community of Perquin to separate and identify appointed locations to place garbage.

Workshops Development-


  • Asi Vemos Perquin/ This is how we see Perquin: Collaborative Photography Project created in partnership between the School of Art and Open Studio, CCA student: Barbara Dennier and the children and youth of Perquin.
  • Colectivo de Mujeres/ Women’s Collective: Collaborative book and printmaking project created in partnership with the School of Art and Open Studio, the collective of women from CEBES and CCA student, Thia Jennings.
  • Memoria Histórica/ Historic Memory: Collaborative printmaking project towards a suit of prints and book. Design, creation and printing of woodcuts by 40 youth from Perquin, and the Northern Regions of Morazán in partnership with the School of Art and Open Studio.


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